Stephanie Karlik

Month: October, 2013

Almond-shaped Astigmatism

Got an almond-shaped eye exam today.

Filled out a medical history form. Any almond-shaped glaucoma in the family? Or almond-shaped cataracts?

I used to only have an almond-shaped astigmatism in one eye, but the doctor told me I’ve got it in both now. I can give you toric lenses to correct it she said.

No, I’ll stick with what I’ve got I told her.


Tango Mío

Tango mío

Tango tuyo

Tango suyo

Tango nuestro

Tango loco

Tango lento

Tango rápido

Tango romántico

Tango trágico

Tango en un círculo

Tango mágico

Tango nostálgico

Tango futuristico

Tango propio

Tango sucio

Tango limpio

Tango bueno

Tango malo

Tango poco

Tango mucho

Tango de los tangos




Oudin & Hibi はいく


Oudin’s unforced errors

turned to winners and “come on!”

3rd set tiebreak comes.


Fate blows two her way,

Hibi bows her head,

Packs her Yonex bag for home.