I’m a big fan of Earth. Don’t get me wrong. I like outer space, as well, but Earth, when not wreaking havoc on us, is just so very lovely. My aim is to understand earthlings better and to bridge existing gaps between us. I believe we are one.

I am the product of a Taiwanese woman (genealogically much more complicated than this) and an American man (same). In the ‘60s and ‘70s, my mother and her sisters traveled the globe as musicians. Mom rocked the bass.

Mom settled in America with Dad, where I grew up in a home with a palpable East-West cultural hybrid (like Taiwanese-style gumbo soup washed down with southern sweet iced tea). At age two, I began creating stories while flipping through illustrated children’s books. Not too long after, I devoured the Cultures of the World book series. Since then, I’ve been throwing myself into as many different kinds of cultural environments as I can.

While studying and working in the fields of international relations and cultural anthropology, I lived in the U.S., Argentina, Spain, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, and Indonesia. In those places, I encountered some beautiful languages, foods, dances, and people. I am eternally grateful to all the kind spirits who have guided me along the way.

I passionately write, speak, interpret, and dance.

I’m particularly interested in things that are typically considered to be “weird” cultural combinations but are just manifestations of the globalized post-modern world we’re living in. As such, some of my favorite memories include becoming a serious salsa dancer in Taipei under the tutelage of a Polish-Canadian salsera, rapping profanity-laced Snoop Dogg hooks with an Oxford-trained British physicist at a karaoke parlor in Tokyo, and sharing Argentine asado in Buenos Aires with ethnically Hakka Taiwanese, Argentine-bred, American-educated friends who mix up Taiwanese-accented Chinese, lunfardo-filled porteño Spanish, and easy breezy SoCal American English with the ease of a bartender shaking a mixed drink over his shoulder.

I currently have an interior design and design anthropology business in California called Mizugiri. I love to design. Additionally, I’m passionate about the subject of design, the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, architecture, and contemporary culture, examining issues of physiological, socioeconomic, and environmental importance. For more info, please click here:


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