Chinese Netizens Comment on 2020 Tokyo Olympics

by stephanietsaikarlik

The news that Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic games set the world abuzz with excitement, but it’s the proposed budget for the event that has Chinese netizens buzzing with bitterness towards their own government.

Japan’s planned budget of about $3.3 billion dollars is less than ten percent of the approximate $40 billion dollars spent on Beijing’s 2008 summer games.

The budget announcement triggered lively discussion among Chinese citizens online through forums like Weibo and Renmin Net. Some netizens cited that corruption among government officials in Japan wasn’t as rampant as China’s and as a result, Japanese officials spent national funds more cautiously. Other commenters noted that Chinese officials spent carelessly because the money to fund the 2008 Olympics was not their own, rather, came from the sweat and blood of Chinese commoners.

While it’s widely believed that criticism of the Chinese government by Chinese citizens, online or offline, is strictly forbidden, statements against the Chinese government are frequently made on Weibo, a site that’s been called China’s Twitter. Nevertheless, comment threads and discussions deemed to be the most inflammatory are oftentimes deleted by the government in an effort to keep national order.

(Source: Sina)