Chinese Woman Has Bad Trip

by stephanietsaikarlik

(photo courtesy of Global Post)

September 6, 2013 18:50 EST

Bystanders looked on in horror as a Chinese woman stood atop a bridge railing in Chongqing on the evening of September 5th, screaming that she had “passed into the Tang Dynasty.”

While she called out to the “emperor,” an alarmed bystander called local police. After arriving at the scene, the police successfully coaxed the woman into stepping down from the railing. Addressing police officers as “your majesty,” the woman was brought to the local police station for questioning, where she continued to speak incoherently about the Tang emperor.

It was later revealed that the woman had consumed a considerable amount of methamphetamines prior to the incident and was experiencing the hallucinatory effects of the drug. The Chongqing Dazu police department is keeping the woman in detention while they investigate the source of the illegal substance.

While the amount of time it took for bystanders to call for help at the scene is unknown, that the woman in question came out unscathed is notable. Foreign observers have long criticized Chinese citizens’ failure to call for help for others in emergency situations.

(Source: Sina)