by stephanietsaikarlik

An interview between writers:

D1: What’s your greatest strength?

D2: Probably my empathy. It has given me the opportunity to explore and experience more of the human condition.

D1: Wonderful. And your greatest weakness?

D2: I can be neurotic, quite neurotic actually, but I manage it with meditation and exercise.

D1: Excellent, because I typically don’t like people I work with to be on and off meds. I’ve found it to be disturbing.

D2: Agreed. No meds here.

D1: Great.

D2: Great.

Interview between businesspeople:

B1: What’s your greatest strength?

B2: I’m a perfectionist. I like to see projects through from start to finish with no room for error. I take projects by the reins and turn uncertainty into certainty.

B1: What’s your greatest weakness?

B2: I can be too nice. The task at hand doesn’t require a nice person. It requires a bold leader.

B1: (Assertive nod.)

B2: (Assertive nod.)

Ahh, the business world, where neurosis can be spun as perfectionism and empathy is labeled “too nice.”