She Has This Hunger

by stephanietsaikarlik

When a once do-or-die work ethic turns into more die and less do, things can be rearranged.

An athlete knows that she can do more, that she can show up to the courts earlier, that she can crack away on the ball machine longer, that she can want to win more.

She also knows that she can sleep less, that she can hang out less, that she can talk to fewer, that she can want to be within an accepted range of normalcy less.

Some might call it crazy, but I’d just call it hungry.

Since when did it become taboo for artists to have an athlete’s work ethic?

The artist has no choice but to feel, but feeling doesn’t have to get in the way of producing.

Why shouldn’t the artist work like the athlete?

If the athlete can get up at 5 A.M. to hit the gym, the artist can get up at 5 A.M. to hit the canvas.

The athlete gets paid to move and inspire people. The artist does the same.

If the latter doesn’t treat her work with the same ethic and weight as the athlete, she simply isn’t at the top of her class.

She gets up a little earlier, works a little longer, and plays around a little less all because she has this hunger…